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Who we are?

With over 30 years of experience, Al Zufoof has been crafting premium Pakistani Salwar suits/Kameez. We produce our own collections and also cater to several renowned Pakistani brands by providing custom stitching services.

Our facilities, equipped with over 130 sewing machines, enable us to produce 1,000 suits per day, efficiently meeting high demands. We handle everything from designing and printing to cutting, stitching, finishing, and packing with the utmost precision.

We specialize in both stitched and unstitched lawn suits, offering a diverse range of products. In addition to our branded and in-house collections, we accommodate customized orders to meet the unique preferences of our customers.

At Al Zufoof, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality Pakistani fashion to our esteemed clientele worldwide.








Factory size

Why choose us

Fast, Cheap, High quality

We believe that only when a cap is designed and made with enthusiasm and care can it leave an impression. And that’s the cap we want to bring you, high quality with attention to every detail from fabric to craftsmanship, one that makes the person feel incredible.

No matter how large or small your business is, CHUNTAO is more than happy to make your dream into reality!

Fast Sample

Sample time just 2-7 days.

Easy Booking

Just telling us your requirements, we can send PI ASAP.

Customer Care

Ereryweek, you can get our news about fashion trend.

24 Hour Service

Please leave your email address, we can reply you within 8h.


Professional Certification Audit

We focus on the field of hats, attach importance to the brand influence, so we passed many famous international brands audit. It’s a huge affirmation for us. It means that it is our honor to guide the hat decoration industry to enhance the development and design capabilities of Chinese hats and accessories, create the world’s top headwear brand, and promote the international influence of Chinese hat culture.


Extensive Global Presence

In order to let more people know more Chinese caps, we went to various exhibitions. From earning profits to the strategic height of promoting national culture and increasing the international popularity of Chinese hats. We are trying our best to do it.


Factory Line View

A production base for all kinds of hats, with an output of 500,000 hats per month, including baseball cap, trucker hat, snapback hat, bucket hat, 5 panel hat, 6 panel hat, sun visor, dad hat, etc.